Quality assurance


At this agency we pride our self on the service provided, so it is only natural that we want to keep a high standard of care and improve ourselves.  We aim to improve our services using the following methods:


Questionnaires, aimed at:

Ø       Service users.

Ø       Family.

Ø       Visitors.

Ø      Care worker.

Ø      Social worker.

Ø      Advocate.

Ø      Professional agencies that come into the service user’s home.

Ø      CSSIW.

Ø      Social services.

Ø      Local authorities.

Ø      Physiotherapists.

Ø      Occupational therapists


On return the questionnaires are then assessed in a scoring system then each category is averaged to see what the score is, using these results we prioritize what systems need to be reviewed.

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Quality Assurance
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