One of the key questions asked is who will be caring for my loved one or for myself. We vet all of our staff checking for criminal records we also check with the Independent safeguarding authority who are there to help prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable adults. We also check all previous care work placements and previous work references. Our new carers are supervised on an ongoing basis and feedback from the people they visit is obtained so we can develop them further as carers or where necessary end their employment. Any person who is not happy with their carer can contact the office and request a change of carer, This does happen from time to time and another carer is allocated immediately to prevent any disruption to the service.


We also use EMS, EMS has more and more become a requirement for many private providers providing to the Local Authority. We have been using EMS for over 5 years long before this had started becoming a requirement. EMS is an Electronic Monitoring System and is mostly used via our customers phone lines. The carer is required to dial an 0800 number using the customers phone. This 0800 number is linked into our office computer systems and lets us know the carer has arrived. Where the carer fails to arrive or dial the 0800 number then the office staff are made aware of this via their computer systems. This system helps us to prevent missed calls or late calls without a phone call to explain why the carer is late and what time they can be expected.


As a further control measure to ensure our carers are providing the service to our standard we have a spot check system where team leaders check on carers during their day or night to ensure they are following company policies and providing the service to the customers' needs.


We also have monthly record books recording what the carers have been doing and allows the carers to share information with family members if agreed by the service user.


All our staff undergo continuous training and monitoring to ensure they are suitably qualified to provide the service required of them. We have our own training facilities and permanent qualified trainers who are employed solely for the purpose of training the staff.  



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